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Michael Eddy is a quadruple threat. As an accomplished singer, actor, multi-instrumentalist and dancer, the young Los Angeles based teen has a knack for storytelling and performance. 

For his debut single, Eddy teamed up with acclaimed producer Michael Orland (American Idol), who has been a pivotal mentor in his musical journey. Entitled “Small Towns”, the song is a lighthearted anthemic pop meets country track about optimistically embarking on new horizons and seeking out new experiences. Inspired by his own creative and personal growth, Michael Eddy reminds us all that we are constantly evolving and changing, and with “Small Towns” he encourages listeners to embrace their future while paying homage to their roots. Featuring an infectious sing-a-long worthy chorus over warm acoustic guitars and emotive vocals, “Small Towns” is a refreshing cross-genre musical debut.

As a proud member of SAG and a national hip hop champion, the actor, singer-songwriter and performer brings a unique perspective and talent to the music industry. An advocate for kindness and inclusion, Michael Eddy has a deep connection and love for family and community and uses his music as another avenue to inspire positive change. “My parents raised me to put kindness above all else. Family is very important to me and my late grandma was a big part of who I am today. I’ve always been taught to help people and I’m an advocate and supporter of all students being treated with kindness and respect no matter their learning ability. I would hope that my music would inspire someone to smile and also put them in a good mood. And maybe dance a little,” he confides. With more music in the works, Michael Eddy is a creative force to be reckoned with. “Small Towns” is out now worldwide.


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